• 30 new missions have been added (monster attack, treasure discovery, peaceful mission, ...) to vary your adventures and gaming experience.



















• New artefacts and treasures await you.





























• New items will allow you to save time or to weaken your opponents in an unprecedented way.





































• Kamikaze Pigeon.

You can deal damages to a ship remotely.

















Explosive Mine. Once placed, deals damages to the next ship arriving on your current location.

















• A new team mode is available : split into two teams and share the victory or the defeat!


















• From now on, abandoning a mission costs you 20 points of Swag. Choose your missions carefully!


• Walrus rule has been improved. He must rest every 5 turns, but a visit to a port counts as a complete rest.


• Incognito mode has been improved.


• Wifi connection stability has been improved. When a player loses his connection, the game will first try to reconnect all players before going back to main menu.


• and of course, bug fixes.



Volumique is a French studio inventing, designing, and developing new Games and Toys, focusing on the relationship between the tangible and digital.





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