World of Yo-Ho is a fantasy game of adventure and piracy on the high seas!


A board game where your smartphone

is your vessel, dice, cards...everything.


A video game that brings

people together around a board.

Board Game  + Video Game = World of Yo-Ho


'World of Yo-Ho' is a fantasy game of adventure and piracy on the high seas!


It's a new type of gaming experience that combines the tangible and social pleasure of a board game with the interactive and adaptable mechanics of a video game. The game features a high quality board that represents the minutely detailed world of Yo-Ho and a free, downloadable app that turns your smart phone into a ship that any filibuster would be proud of. Simply place your phone on the map and set sail for adventure!


The game will be available in shops in 2015. The app will be compatible with iOS and Androïd.



Simply place your phone on the map: Your ship is ready! Now set sail!


Discover a new world!


Become the most famous pirate of Yo-Ho, a parallel world teeming with intelligent animals, lost islands and wild magic! The call to adventure echoes throughout this land and although life on the high seas is a dangerous game, for those that truly embrace the pirate spirit the promise of glory is worth any risk.


As a captain in search of fame and fortune you will explore the vast world of Yo-Ho, solving its mysteries, battling sea monsters and other booty hungry corsairs in tactical naval engagements. The needy and the powerful will solicit your services, demanding you sail the nine seas searching for buried treasure, trading with friend and foe alike, collecting the bounty on the heads of the most notorious pirates and sometimes fellow players as well as much, much more! All this will allow you to fill your holds with plunder that you can use to upgrade your boat, acquire more powerful weaponry and useful items, or just give your captain that little bit of extra flair! Stock up on Swag and show the world just how good of a pirate you are!


Each captain is master of his own destiny: Will you be a bloodthirsty swashbuckler, brazenly hoisting the Jolly Roger as you plunder all those you cross? Or will you choose to stand as a defender of the innocent and a peaceful merchant? Whatever your freebooting predilection may be, the stage is set and each captain can play a vital role in the great events of the picturesque saga specia


World of Yo-ho Review - with Tom Vasel


Minimal Configuration for the free Application World of Yo-Ho.


Download the Game

• iPhone 3GS and higher

• iPod Touch 3rd generation and higher

• iPad 2 and higher (only in single phone mode)

• iOS 5.1.1 and higher


Download the Game

• screen between 3.5 and 5.0 inches

• Android 2.3 and higher

• accelerometer

• Tablet (only in single phone mode)


• Wi-Fi connection (one of the phones can be a





• 1 game board (in 2 parts).


• 4 captain cards and 4 ship cards: These cards are used as reminders for the base characteristics of the captains and ships.


• 4 captain tokens that fit into 4 ship figures. These are used if you play with only one phone.


• 4 ship suction cups and 4 captain suction cups. These allow  you to customize your phone by sticking them on it.


Distribution by Iello





Art Direction and Original Idea : Étienne Mineur


Game design :  Farid Ben Salem, David Calvo, Tristan Genevet, Ryad Godard , Julien Hognon and Étienne Mineur

assisted by Benjamin Gallier


Technical Direction :  Julien Hognon


Development :  Tristan Genevet and Julien Hognon


Narrative design : David Calvo


Illustration :  Amélie Jourdain and Marie Magny


3D Modeling :  Marie Magny


Graphic design : Ferdinand Dervieux and Étienne Mineur

assisted by Alice Blot  and Julie Chane-Hive


Communication :  Farid Ben Salem


Music & Sound Design : Jean-Jacques Birgé


Animation : Walter Mazoyer


Proof Reading : Sébastien Adamowicz , Gabriel Durnerin, Jamie Parsons, Rémy Mineur and Jeff Quick


Production Manager : Mourad Salhi


Production : Étienne Mineurassisted by Marion Allard


Thanks to : Nicolas De Chateau Thierry, Julie Stephen Chheng, Mohamed Aït-Medehdi, Stephan Brissaud, Alexandre Burdin-François, Wim, Hélios & Claire Mineur, Amandine Piu, Catalina Quijano, Croc, Marc, Virginie, Anette Lenz, Selina König and Iello.


A special thanks to our testers and backers on Kickstarter who helped us bring this game to life.


                                              With the participation of FAJV - Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée et du

                                              Ministère de l’Économie et de l’industrie.



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